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What are the Underlying Causes of Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can dramatically impact our daily lives and the average dentist will deal with this issue on a regular basis. However, there are other causes which could be less associated with a dentist and more involved with lifestyle habits.
There is no reason that a smile should be painful. By recognising some behaviours to avoid, it may be possible to decrease tooth sensitivity over time.

– Avoid foods with a high acid content (like tomatoes or citrus), as these can eventually erode the enamel which protects a tooth.
– Tooth grinding is another habit to be corrected. This silent factor can dramatically impact levels of sensitivity.
– Many will be surprised to learn that using some mouthwashes too often could lead to teeth which are more sensitive. Some are more acidic than others.

Can’t get enough tomatoes, citrus, fruit juices and other acidic goodies? Your teeth can.

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