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The Relationship Between Liver and Gum Disease

Severe gum disease has been found to increase mortality rates in people with liver damage. Periodontitis is the inflammation and infection of the gums. It causes the pockets around the teeth to deepen and loosen, but it affects more than just your smile: It can also lead to bone loss.
About 35{599cbd2c56ef9891647ea48cecf0b7f5554925f8f553ff7f64fa49ed52ff2ee2} of adults have it, and if you have cirrhosis, it’s critical that it be treated because as bacteria relocates, it causes further inflammation in the organs. Gum disease can be easily treated by your dentist, often with simple changes to the way you care for your gums at home.
–  Cirrhosis sufferers must be particularly careful about keeping a thorough oral hygiene routine.
–  Severe periodontitis can increase mortality rates even when cirrhosis is not a factor.
– Gum care also helps to reduce liver disease complications.

Periodontitis may act as a persistent source of oral bacterial translocation, causing inflammation and increasing cirrhosis complications.”
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