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What Happens To Your Teeth and Body When You Do Not Get Enough Sleep

Do you know that not getting enough sleep is bad for your oral health? Unfortunately, many people risk the well-being of their teeth and the rest of the body by sleeping for less than 7 hours. If you want to have a radiant smile and healthy teeth, you will have to improve your sleep patterns. Here is what happens to your teeth and body when you do not get enough sleep.

Key takeaways:

– By sleeping for less than 7 hours, you have the same chances of getting gum disease as a smoker!

– Not getting enough sleep triggers an inflammatory response from your gums, leading to complications like heart disease.

– Sleep deprivation is a direct cause of bleeding gums, shifting teeth and tenderness.

Switching off all electronics during sleep can add your sleeping hours thereby minimising visits to the dentist.

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