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Embracing the Correct Brushing Techniques

Most of us recall the instructions to “rinse and spit” after brushing our teeth or when visiting the dentist. It is now interesting to learn that this advice may have actually been incorrect. Research has led to the conclusion that some of the paste should remain present after brushing in order to maximise its effects. This may very well be the key to a healthy and attractive smile.

What other takeaway points have been observed?

– It is best to spit out the majority of the toothpaste without rinsing one’s mouth with water.

– The remainder of this paste should be allowed to dissolve naturally within a period of approximately ten minutes.

– Brushing at least twice a day drastically reduces cavities and incidences of gingivitis.

“Advice from dental experts and the NHS suggests you should never rinse your mouth out straight after brushing.”

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