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Bruxism: A Grinding Problem

More commonly known as teeth grinding, bruxism needs to be properly treated when it occurs. Early indicators of bruxism are headaches or a sore jaw in the morning caused by grinding the teeth while asleep. Known causes of bruxism include tobacco, caffeine and alcohol as well as stress, fatigue and sleep disorders but a dentist should be consulted to find the proper cure.

A dentist will likely recommend a custom-fitted night guard, or splint, which will:

– Protect the teeth

– Support the jaw joint

– Aid in chewing

As stated in a recent article “many times people have no idea they grind their teeth” and more information can be found at http://chicago.suntimes.com/lifestyles/waking-up-with-headache-sore-jaw-you-may-be-grinding-your-teeth/.