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5 Ways you may be Susceptible to cavities

Dental checkups, regular brushing and flossing routines might help prevent cavities. However,some people might have teeth that are more prone to cavities than others no matter how often they brush or floss. Below are reasons why you may be more susceptible to cavities than people with a poor oral hygiene routine.

Key takeaways:

– High amounts of bacteria from sugar and other foods like avocados, blueberries, broccoli, celery, nuts, salmon and dark chocolate that can be avoided by regular cleaning.

– Genetic abnormalities like missing enamel, large crevices and Microdatia (condition of having extremely small teeth), which makes cleaning difficult.

– Malnutrition, medication and cancer treatment which leads to wearing out of the enamel, dryness of the mouth and blockage of salivary glands.

Seeing your dentist regularly helps corrects the problem, so you can have a smile to be proud of.

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5 Ways You May Be More Vulnerable to Cavities